Tongue Tie and Breastfeeding

Do you suspect your baby may have tongue-tie? Perhaps you'd like a second opinion after being informed your baby does or does not have a tongue tie. .

I can perform a full breastfeeding assessment and oral assessment for your baby using the Bristol/TABBY and Hazelbaker assessment tools, usually within 2 days of you contacting me. 

All initial assessments include up to 2 hours of initial breastfeeding support with same day referral for treatment of tongue tie (frenulotomy) if needed, and ongoing support, including after care and getting breastfeeding back on track following treatment. Text and email support .

I can also support you to continue breastfeeding without frenulotomy whenever possible. 

This may include the development of a personalised oral exercise plan tailored to fit the difficulties experienced by you and/or your baby with regard to breast and/or bottle feeding.

For more information on Tongue Tie see The Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners .

Tongue Tie Assessment and Referral During this visit I will listen to your concerns, assess your baby for tongue tie (including observing feeding and examining his or her mouth using gloved fingers) and then discuss your options with you. I can provide referral to NHS and private tongue tie services. A written plan will be made together with you, to help you continue to breastfeed.

£75 for up to 2 hours

Aftercare Visits are designed to help you and your baby progress through recovery and to support you to get back on track with breastfeeding. Telephone and email support included.

£50 for up to 1 hour

Tongue Tie Support Package 

Assessment consultation plus two post frenulotomy follow up visits. Telephone and email support included. 

£150 (saving of £25.00)

To book, please contact me here

Alternatively, should you wish to you could attend a More than Milk group for ongoing continuity of care during your post tongue tie division (frenulotomy) recovery journey and beyond, see "Support Groups" for further details.