Support during Covid-19

As your lactation consultant, your safety and well-being are at the forefront of my practice. With this in mind, in response to Covid-19 and in line with current government and insurance provider guidelines, services are offered as below:

1) Breastfeeding support will begin with completing your intake booking form with as much information as possible, as this will save us time together. I will be scheduling a maximum of two home visit per day to allow myself time to change clothing and thoroughly clean and disinfect equipment between clients to reduce the risk of transmission. 

2) If a home visit is necessary, this will be be scheduled as soon as possible

Prior to me visiting your home I will email you a form to confirm the following: 

 You and everyone in your household feel completely well that day

 No one in your household has:

o a fever of above 37.8 degrees Celsius

o a persistent cough

o breathing problems such as shortness of breath without exercise

o a change or a loss of smell and taste

 You or anyone in your household has not been in touch with anyone with confirmed or suspected Covid-19

within the last 2 weeks

If a consultation needs to be postponed for any of the above reasons, please contact me as soon as possible. 

I will notify you should I or any other member of my household be symptomatic and arrange refund or reschedule your visit. 

3) During your visit:

On arrival I will wash and dry my hands and don appropriate PPE. 

I will aim to keep our face to face contact as short as possible whilst still ensuring we have enough time together for you to receive the support you need. At the end of our visit we will agree a time for your follow up call so we can review your care plan and make adjustments as needed. I am taking every precaution possible to reduce the risk to everyone present, however I cannot eliminate all risks.